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A lot can happen in two years. Perhaps Mayo will be ready to dedicate himself to basketball in the summer of 2018. Maybe, however, Mayo no longer desires to play in the NBA. When you’ve got limited time in the gym, moves like the box jump will be yoursaving grace a surefireway to hit multiple muscles at once and get a seriouscardio benefit at the same time.”This exercise is meant to be a full body movement ideally, quick, explosive, and controlled,” says Stephany Bolivar, CrossFit coach and personal trainer atICE NYC.Aside from working your muscles from head to toe, the box jump (demonstrated here by NYC based trainer Rachel Mariotti) also challenges you to work on athletic skills like agility, balance, and coordination. Best part:you don’t need to have a special plyometric box to do this move. Any elevated, flat, and stable surface will do, like stairs or a park bench.Box Jump Benefits and VariationsDuring the upward phase of this movement, you’ll use your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and even arms to propel yourself onto the box.

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